KPTM Ipoh History

The history of Kolej Poly-Tech MARA Ipoh has begun with the establishment of the Institut Perdagangan MARA (IPM) in 1996. The course was conducted at the time was comprised of short-term courses such as computers, languages, management, and education as well as a NCC Diploma courses are conducted in collaboration with the United Kingdom.

Subsequently in 1999, the change in management has made IPM changed its name to the Academy Infotech MARA (AIM). Besides continuing the existing short-term courses, AIM also offers a full-time course of long-term collaboration with the Interactive Multimedia Diploma of Edith Cowan University, Australia.

On 1st January 2004, the Academy Infotech MARA (AIM) was incorporated under the management KPTM Sdn. Btd. and changed its name to Poly-Tech MARA Ipoh, Perak (KPTM Ipoh). With years of experience running the course in collaboration with foreign universities, this time KPTM Ipoh began offering internal courses Diploma in Multimedia. The course has been certified by MQA in 2006 and the college's continuous efforts to ensure that high quality education offered to students.

Change the status of a competitive private institutions have pushed KPTM Ipoh to continue to work to improve the quality of education over time. Various efforts have been undertaken such as the development of the academic infrastructure such as construction nationwide multimedia studio, laboratory equipment and the development of information systems and IT integration. College management quality also improved through the development of human capital in order to be more competent. KPTM Ipoh progress also can be seen through a tertiary degree of BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Computing in collaboration with Coventry University, UK, starting from the July 2010.