1. To provide them with fully-equipped lab with printers and internet connection.
2. To provide wireless services that can be reached within the whole KPTM building.
3. To help and give guidance to any student that have any problem with computers.
1. To provide computer facilities for them(ratio 1:1-one computer one person)
2. To analyst and prepare the requirement needs of Information Technology to the organization
3. To analyst the needs of any system in the organization according to the priority and budget.
4. To develop a system to the organization that suits to the needs of a department.
5. To maintain computer hardwares and softwares in labs for students and in offices for staff.
6. To provide computer lab facilities for student usage.
7. To help students and staff that have problems related to the computer.
8. To provide server and manage KPTM website and e-mail.
9. To provide and manage networking system and upgrade computer network in KPTM.
10. To guide other KPTM staff in IT.